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About HiRO

Harvest Integrated Research Organization (HiRO) is a globally-oriented, innovative clinical research organization (CRO). With global operations and integrated capabilities, the company provides its clients with a full range of solutions and services. HiRO strives to become a market-leading, global clinical research organization that works conjunction with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to bring new products from the laboratory to market, providing more effective therapies for patients worldwide.
Global Multicenter Clinical Trial Experience :
Global Multicenter Clinical Trial Experience :
100% of employees have experience in global multicenter clinical trials
10+  Industry <br/> Experience
10+ Industry
45% of HiRO employeeshave over 10 years of industry experience
Oncology & <br/> Immunology
Oncology &
100% of HiRO employees have oncology/ Immunology experience

HiRO Comprehensive Strength

As an innovative CRO company based in China and facing the world, HiRO brings together the world's top CRO company executives and current advanced big data and AI technologies, aiming to establish a new CRO service platform that meets the needs of the domestic market and is in line with international standards. The mission of "going out, bringing in" helps to improve the level of global health services.

With the continuous expansion of business capabilities and business scope, HiRO will further strengthen the comprehensive strength of the global integrated R&D service platform. We always believe that HiRO's professional capabilities and international perspective will contribute to promoting the development of new drugs at home and abroad and providing more effective solutions for human pain.
Comprehensive Strength

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Mainland China
​▪ Shanghai: 33C2, Zhongyi Building, No. 580 Nanjing West Road,

​▪ Beijing: Room 1203B-1204A, China Life Tower, No.16 Chaoyangmen

  Wai Street, Chaoyang  District, Beijing
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Australia/New Zealand
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  New Zealand

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